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6 tips to store food the right way!

Using fresh food is the key to making delicious dishes. But how do you ensure that your food is fresh? By storing the food properly. We’ve put some tips together to

Jou Sun: Harvest On Demand | Watch Our NEW Intro Video!

  The Jou Sun Intro Video is out NOW! 🎬 We made this video to show you how Jou Sun combines technology and local farmers’ expertise to help bring you Farm Fresh

Finding the ultimate egg: The Jou Sun Egg Megatest Part 2

In the first part of our Megatest, we put our egg contenders up against each other on two freshness tests. While the CP egg (which admittedly we’ve had for around

Finding the ultimate egg: The Jou Sun Egg Megatest Part 1

Walk past the eggs in any shop and you’ll probably be confused by just how many varieties there are. Size? Country of Origin? Organic? Free Range? The combinations seem endless , and surely

Look Ma, No Warehouse! How Our Drivers Deliver From Farm To Table In 12 Hours

Now that we’ve introduced our vegetable and fish farmers, we need to think about how fresh produce turn up at your door! Obviously, that’s the job of our delivery drivers.

How Wakeboarding Led To A Career Change For This Fish Farmer

This week we’ve been introducing you to a few of our heroes who work hard to provide us with Farm Fresh Groceries. Check out our previous blog post about a

The Farmer With A Master’s Degree: Introducing Jou Sun’s Vegetable Farmers

It is no surprise that most of Hong Kong’s fruits and vegetables are imported, but what this means is consumers struggle to understand local crop seasons, characteristics, and farming challenges.

Behind The Scene of The Michelin-starred Importer: Waves Pacific

Jason Lo is the Managing Director of Waves Pacific. A top purveyor of meats for top michelin-starred chefs in Hong Kong. Here is his story. At a routine dinner meeting

Indulge in the classic – Italian Wagyu Oxtail Stew

Everyone loves beef stew, the rich, meaty and velvety sauce with the melt-in-your mouth oxtail bites. More importantly, it’s not difficult to make at all. With this simple recipe and