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Farmers Choice: Farmers. Dreamers 農圃:一個實現有機夢的故事

You only live once. Therefore, you should dare to dream. Robert, a businessman from Hong Kong, decided to realise his dream of owning a farm. His dream is simple but

4 Reasons Why You Should Eat Seasonal Fruits  四個要吃當造水果的原因

We often hear about seasonal fruits, but do you know exactly what that means? Fruits are in season simply when they experience a peak in harvest under natural conditions. At that

Here’s How Your Groceries Stay Fresh 運送新鮮食材的幕後過程

  We understand you’re after the freshest groceries when you choose to buy your groceries direct from farms. That’s why we work hard to ensure that items stay just as fresh

A Handy Guide To Chicken Cuts! 雞隻不同部位的奧妙!

Talk about versatile ingredients and you simply have to mention chicken. The different cuts of a chicken all have their own characteristics and are great bases for delicious dishes — if they

6 tips to store food the right way!

Using fresh food is the key to making delicious dishes. But how do you ensure that your food is fresh? By storing the food properly. We’ve put some tips together to

Finding the ultimate egg: The Jou Sun Egg Megatest Part 2

In the first part of our Megatest, we put our egg contenders up against each other on two freshness tests. While the CP egg (which admittedly we’ve had for around

Finding the ultimate egg: The Jou Sun Egg Megatest Part 1

Walk past the eggs in any shop and you’ll probably be confused by just how many varieties there are. Size? Country of Origin? Organic? Free Range? The combinations seem endless , and surely

Look Ma, No Warehouse! How Our Drivers Deliver From Farm To Table In 12 Hours

Now that we’ve introduced our vegetable and fish farmers, we need to think about how fresh produce turn up at your door! Obviously, that’s the job of our delivery drivers.

How Wakeboarding Led To A Career Change For This Fish Farmer

This week we’ve been introducing you to a few of our heroes who work hard to provide us with Farm Fresh Groceries. Check out our previous blog post about a