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Superfood Beet, Superfood Salad

Just with some simple ingredients, you can piece together this colorful beet salad with the perfect balance of honey sweetness🍯and sourness from the orange🍊. What a superfood salad ! Shop Now:

Healthier Fish & Chips

Kids always love crunchy and crispy foods 😋, but more often than not, crispy food is related to unhealthiness and oiliness. But with an oven, or an air-frying, you can make

Healthy Quick-fix: Vegan Tahini Vegetables Udon Stir-fry

I have always been a fan of udon noodles, especially the dried one which has a more chewy texture and won’t turn sour as frozen udon does. As I was

All mixed up: Shakshouka Poached Eggs in Tomato Sauce

Ah-ha, an one-pot dish! Too lazy to cook on a hot summer night and got bored with scrambled eggs for dinner? This one-pot Shakshouka Poached Eggs 🍳 sounds just perfect for you.

The Healthy Fries: Oven-baked Haricots Verts Fries

Aren’t you or your kids craving for something crispy, crunchy or fried? Come on, the golden crust with a fluffy interior that melt in your mouth đŸ€€ 
 how can

Not Fictional: Gorgonzola Cheese Sandwich, have you?

—Have you a cheese sandwich? —Yes, sir. Like a few olives too if they had them. Italian I prefer. Good glass of burgundy take away that. Lubricate. A nice salad,

Take A Delicious Step Back in Time: Steak Diane

‘When it comes to steak, keep it simple’. I do agree, because just a generous amount of sea salt and ground pepper can turn your steak into a juicy, butter-soft

Take the bitter with the sweet: Sautéed Brussels Sprouts with apples

I know, Brussels Sprouts are bitter, and taste sulfuric. However, like the old saying that goes ‘The Bitter, The Better’, these miniature cabbages from the cruciferous vegetable family are actually nutritional

Your Swedish temptation: Jansson’s Temptation

How do you like your potatoesÂ đŸ„”Â cooked? Deep-fried? Roasted? Or the CREAMY gratin-style? Jannson’s temptation is the Swedish 🇾đŸ‡Ș version of your favourite Creamy Au Gratin, while the one difference is that it