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Cook Your Vegetables Right – Steaming!

Quick and Simple. Comparing to boiling, steaming your vegetables can retain most nutrients and flavors, as nutrients like water-soluble vitamins would be lost to the boiling water. After all, water isn’t your vegetable’s best friend.

Naturally delicious. Have these vegetables steamed for a healthier taste of farm-freshness 👩‍🌾 :

  1. Broccoli

This tree-like vegetable is a nutritional powerhouse. Rich in sulforaphane, antioxidant and folate, broccoli has strong cancer-fighting property, anti-inflammation property, improving your cardiovascular health and kidney health 💪. Steam your broccoli for about 5 minutes until fork-tender (And actually you can eat your broccoli raw!)

  1. Sweet Potato

I love buying roasted sweet potato 🍠 from the sweet potato and chestnut hawkers. But do you know that sweet potato is healthier when it is steamed? Get the most nutrients out of the silky flesh of the sweet potato by steaming it, without having your blood sugar level spiked. In addition to its rich content of beta-carotene which helps protect against cancer and aging, it is also a rich source of antioxidant and fibers. Eat with the peel too, as the peel has almost TEN times the antioxidant power as the flesh!

  1. Baby Chinese Cabbage

This miniature cabbage is loaded with nutrients, from beta-carotene, dietary fibers to minerals. Its calcium content is nearly THREE times more than our all-time favorite Bok Choy. Steam the Baby Chinese Cabbage with vermicelli and garlic. It will be as delicious and sweet as steamed scallops 😋.


  • Add some slices of garlic and lemon zest to your steamed veggies for a more refreshing taste.


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