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Behind The Scene of The Michelin-starred Importer: Waves Pacific

Jason Lo is the Managing Director of Waves Pacific. A top purveyor of meats for top michelin-starred chefs in Hong Kong. Here is his story. At a routine dinner meeting

Indulge in the classic – Italian Wagyu Oxtail Stew

Everyone loves beef stew, the rich, meaty and velvety sauce with the melt-in-your mouth oxtail bites. More importantly, it’s not difficult to make at all. With this simple recipe and

Superfood Beet, Superfood Salad

Just with some simple ingredients, you can piece together this colorful beet salad with the perfect balance of honey sweetness🍯and sourness from the orange🍊. What a superfood salad ! Shop Now:

Healthier Fish & Chips

Kids always love crunchy and crispy foods 😋, but more often than not, crispy food is related to unhealthiness and oiliness. But with an oven, or an air-frying, you can make

Healthy Quick-fix: Vegan Tahini Vegetables Udon Stir-fry

I have always been a fan of udon noodles, especially the dried one which has a more chewy texture and won’t turn sour as frozen udon does. As I was

Cook Your Vegetables Right – Roasting

Beautifully browned 😍. I love having everything roasted, especially vegetables. Roasting caramelizes the exterior of the veggies, while the inside is still moist and tender. Once you try roasting these veggies,

Eat Your Vegetables Right – Raw

Do you know that for some vegetables, it is better to be eaten raw than cooked? Because food-processing may take away the nutrients or even increase the calories content! 🤔 Eat

The World’s Healthiest Spice: Black Peppercorn

A THRILL to your taste buds👅. As the king of spices with a complex aroma and herbal note, black peppercorn is the ONE essential spice you add to all your